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Kevin Hillmans Press Releases and Archives

xx Prosecutor's Office Press Release 10-24-16-Green Sentenced to Life

October 25, 2016, 04:38:51 AM by kevinhillman
Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney announces that today in Circuit Court action in Dent County, on a change of venue from Pulaski County, Judge Kelly Parker sentenced Shawn Green of Waynesville to life imprisonment for the Murder of Robert Willhite.  The murder occurred at Mr. Willhite’s home on T Highway in the Swedeborg area on July 25, 2014, during a robbery and burglary. 
Green pled guilty to Murder in July 2016.  In addition to this sentence, Green is currently serving a twenty-year sentence imposed after he was found guilty of numerous charges at a jury trial last August.  That case was also prosecuted by the Pulaski County Prosecutor Kevin Hillman.
The evidence in the murder case, after an extensive investigation by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, overwhelmingly pointed to Mr. Green as the primary actor in the beating of Mr. Willhite.  This evidence included Mr. Green’s own statements that he was there and participated in the robbery of Mr. Willhite.  In addition, Mr. Green also confessed that he beat Mr. Willhite to his girlfriend, Jessica Berry and to his close friend Earl Crossland.  Both Ms. Berry and Mr. Crossland agreed to cooperate with the State and testify against Mr. Green.  In addition to these confessions, the other participant in the burglary and robbery, Tommy York, cooperated with investigators and prosecutors early on, providing numerous leads and assisting in recovering a significant amount of Mr. Willhite’s stolen property.  Mr. York’s statements also confirmed that Mr. Green was the one who carried out the beating of Mr. Willhite, consistent with what Mr. Green had told his girlfriend and close friend.  Mr. York, Mr. Crossland, and Ms. Berry have all pled guilty to various charges and await sentencing for their roles in the crime.
In addition to Mr. Green’s numerous statements admitting to beating Mr. Willhite, all of the participants confirmed that an initial suspect, Vernon Dale Parker, had nothing to do with the crime.  Several witnesses said that this was a story Mr. Green developed in hopes of throwing off investigators.  Mr. Parker also cooperated with investigators and provided a valid alibi for that evening that was later confirmed by investigators.
Investigators also found other evidence linking Mr. Green to this murder.  This included the fact that the victim’s vehicle was discovered abandoned near Mr. Green’s residence.  Mr. Green also sold numerous items of property stolen from Mr. Willhite to several individuals in Pulaski County.  One of these, Richard Jensen of Hilltop Motors, confirmed that Green sold unique coins that matched coins stolen from Mr. Willhite a couple of days after the murder.  These items were recovered by authorities and Mr. Jensen agreed as part of a plea agreement, to cooperate with the State in the murder investigation.  Another suspect, Roby Sapere, confirmed that he had told Mr. Green and Mr. York about Mr. Willhite’s coin collection and that his home would be a good home to burglarize when Mr. Willhite was away.  As payment for the information, Mr. Sapere received a small amount of coins from Shawn Green that had been stolen from Mr. Willhite. Mr. Sapere cooperated with the State in the murder case and pled guilty to receiving stolen property. Mr. Green’s sister, Stella Harper, also cooperated with the State in turning over evidence in exchange for the dropping of charges of hindering prosecution against her.
“It is my belief that Mr. Green was the primary actor in this case and I am pleased that he will be in prison for a long, long time where he belongs, so he is not able to victimize anyone else,” said Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman.  “I base this belief on the overwhelming evidence that was discovered during the extensive investigation that the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department conducted and the statements of the witnesses, which were verified by the investigators.”
“I want to commend the excellent police work by the Sheriff’s Department that went into solving this crime which resulted in this life sentence.  Specifically I want to commend Detectives Christian Butler, Linda Burgess, and Doug Renno who spent numerous hours investigating this case. I also want to recognize the quick thinking and actions of Deputy Eric Dean, Deputy Monty Oullette, Lieutenant Ed Fowler, and all of the other deputies and officers on the morning of July 25th and subsequent days which helped solve this crime and capture Mr. Green and the other suspects. I also want to thank the Berry family who had the courage to come forward and assisted in solving this crime.  Finally I want to thank the Willhite family for all of their cooperation and patience as this case progressed.”
This case was prosecuted by Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman.
Please direct all questions to Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.
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Local Author Ronald Long releases new crime novel, "The Devil's Elbow Project".

Ronald Long's crime novels are a unique blend of fact and fiction, but are comprised mostly of true criminal cases that Ron investigated while working as an undercover narcotics detective. The Devil's Elbow Project, which was just released, is a non-stop, action thriller that begins right  where Ron's last novel concluded.  If your appetite for reading consists of crime novels involving drugs, murder and suspense - Ron's books are for you.
Ronald Long's novels, along with brief descriptive excerpts from the books,  may be obtained by following this link:


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Sheriff's View
Sheriff Ron Long

xx “The Sheriff’s View” (#137)

September 21, 2015, 02:33:27 AM by Lepard LLC
“The Sheriff’s View” (#137)

For those of you looking for the “new or unusual” as we report in some of these articles, this week may seem a little mundane for readers seeking something exciting. Not that newsworthy incidents did not occur in this County last week but I try to avoid being redundant regarding drugs and crime.

In some ways were are fortunate that no major incidents have occurred recently, due to the lack of manpower this agency has been dealing with over the past two months. Your Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department has been four patrolmen short lately, with three being out with surgeries. Two of these resulted from on-the-job injuries and the third was an off-duty accident. One of the on-duty injuries occurred during a dog attack on the deputy and the second happened during a foot chase.

This agency also recently lost a deputy who took a job with another law enforcement agency. This is expected on occasion due to deputies finding jobs at larger and/or higher paying departments. Even though the deputy who left was immediately replaced, we are confronted with a 3-5 month field training period before the new road deputy can be released to work solo.

This week it is expected that all three of the injured deputies will return to work, along with the new deputy being released from training. With a department that is very understaffed anyway, when four deputies are out, it makes a huge impact on the workload and response times to people needing law enforcement assistance. So needless to say, we welcome the return of a full staff this week.

Once again Cow Days returned to Dixon this past weekend, which resulted in a large draw of people from Pulaski and neighboring counties. Hopefully many of you had the opportunity to stop by and visit your deputies at the Sheriff’s Department booth, or those on foot patrol during the event. As usual, I enjoyed visiting with some of you while I was out there on Saturday.

I have been asked by numerous individuals recently about when we might start up the Town Hall meetings again. I am hoping for the next one to be around the end of October, or a few weeks afterwards. I really value the opinion and concerns of Pulaski County residents and these Town Hall meetings supply the prefect venue for us to visit. I should be announcing the next date and location in a few weeks.

This concludes another week’s summary as your Pulaski County sheriff, and I hope to see you here again next week. For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our website (www.pcsheriff2.com), or on Facebook.

As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community.
 Sheriff Ronald Long

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